10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Barstools

  1. What seat height will I need?
    Recommendation:  10-12 inches from top of counter to top of seat (ex. If your bar is 42” high, you will need a barstool with a 30” seat height.)
  2. Will backless barstools be comfortable?
    Recommendation:  If barstools are used often, backs are highly recommended for comfort.
  3. Are swivel barstools necessary?
    Recommendation:  It depends on the layout of the room. Swivels are useful to have if there is a television or seating area located on the opposite side of the room.  Swivels also provide ease to get in and out for those who need three or more barstools.
  4. Why would I need arms on my barstool?
    Recommendation:  Children will find barstool arms to be useful for leverage. It may also be more comfortable to rest your arms on the stool, not on the counter or bar top.
  5. How do I know if these barstools will last?
    Recommendation:  Swivel mechanisms (if applicable) and footrests are very important when it comes to a quality barstool.  Swivel mechanisms should come with a lifetime warranty and footrests should never have nuts and bolts to hold them together (welded footrests for metal and manufacture assembly for wood).
  6. Can I customize a barstool?
    Recommendation:  In most cases, higher quality barstools have customizable options.  Typically, you have different options in seat height, wood stain, frame color, and fabric color.
  7. Will these barstools match the aesthetics of my space?
    Recommendation:  How the barstools function in your space and the longevity of the product are very important and deserve a little bit of thought and planning.  Look at the back of the barstool…yes, the back.  The back of your barstool is what everyone will see upon entering the room.
  8. Metal or wood?
    Recommendation:  It depends on who will be using the barstools and where they are going. For example:  If these barstools will be placed in the kitchen, and will be used every day by the whole family, metal would be the better choice of material.
  9. How much should I budget for barstools?
    Recommendation:  Pricing will depend on all the answers above.  Whether you need barstools for your bar or kitchen, they are the final touch to any room…much like shoes to an outfit.  You would never wear an expensive suit, or dress, with an old pair of flip-flops so, budget your new space to include your shoes…I mean barstools.  However, a starting budget of $199-$300/per barstool will give you the peace of mind in purchasing a high-quality barstool that will last.
  10. When do I need my barstools?
    Typically customizable barstools will take 4-6 weeks to manufacture and deliver so, it is important to give yourself the proper amount of time before hosting a get together.

Still more questions? Call 1-800-275-9404 to speak with our design experts or visit our Barstool Collection.


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