Top 5 Trends in Outdoor Fire Pit Tables

 Top 5 Trends in Outdoor Fire Pit Tables


  1. Fire Tables That You Can Lounge Around

Want to lounge around your patio with a glass of wine? The Hampton fire pit table in a chat height allows you to surround your fire table with your patio lounge furniture, such as a set comfy lounge chair or curved sofa in an inviting round layout. Chat-height Fire Pit Tables are just slightly higher than a traditional coffee table, perfect to set your drinks on the table ledge and relax.

  1. Eco- Fuel – The Au Naturel of Fire Tables

Looking to add some ambiance and be environmentally friendly? Brown Jordan Eco-Smart tables are just what you need. They come in a variety of fuel options but they are known for their most popular fuel type, Bio-Ethanol.

What is Bio-Ethanol you ask? Bioethanol – or simply ‘ethanol’ is a renewable energy source made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant by-products – mainly sugarcane and crops like grain, using yeast. Simply put, Bioethanol fuel is completely composed of biological products. The combustion of bio ethanol results in a clean emission: Heat, Steam and Carbon Dioxide. And Carbon Dioxide is absorbed by plants, completing the Eco-Cycle!


  1. Sit Up a Little Higher!

If you have a raised deck with a railing that hinders your site of the beautiful view of your landscaping and nature, try a counter or bar height fire pit table. These tables are designed to sit higher at either 34” high (counter height) or 42” high (bar height). The raised height allows you to see over railings and gives you the feel of sitting at a bar, which is great for entertaining. Set the mood for a party with your bar height fire pit table!

  1. Concrete – It’s the new Chic

Contemporary, Durable and not to mention Chic, concrete style fire pit tables are a design trend you cannot miss! They come in a variety of different styles from a simple round pit to a long coffee table that gives you plenty of room to serve your appetizers. Durable, well, because they are made from concrete (composite in most cases so they don’t weigh a ton). Plus the style is unbeatably chic.

  1. Dining al Fire!

Have you ever been dining al fresco and wished you had a little bit of fire in the middle of your table? Now you can with the newest trend of dining height fire tables. The most elegant look (in my opinion) is the rectangular fire table with the rectangular fire area in the middle. This design still allows you to sit six people around your table with the fire being the center focal point. Help protect your guests with a glass fire pit guard that simply sits around the middle of your fire.


For More fire pit styles and inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board “Fire and Flame”.


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