Trend Watch: Outdoor Barstools

As more people are entertaining outside, patio furniture manufactures and designers are getting creative with ways to decorate outdoors. Bar stools is one category they are getting very creative in and we can help you through some of these new trends.

The All Natural Look:


This trend is all about the look of nature. Try replicating the what you see in nature to give your outdoor space a natural look.

Materials included in this trend: Wicker, Teak



As we enjoy the environment we aim to preserve it as well. This trend  is for anyone  looking to maintain natures beauty through environmentally friendly products.

Materials to look for: Recycled Plastic lumber; Finishes with low VOC

Color Brilliance:


Color can be a great way to add some spice and excitement to your patio design. Bright colors can be added from your cushions to you frame.

Materials to look for: Powder Coated Finishes; Recycled Plastic Lumber; Acrylic Fabrics

Comfort First:


You and your guests will be spending a lot of time in these stools so why not make them  the most comfortable seat on the patio!

Materials to look for: Polyester Fiber Construction, Multiple Layered Cushions

Simple but Stunning:


This trend is all about looks and keeping the visual plain clean. Choose barstools with simple lines, solid fabrics and clean characteristics.

Materials to look for: Vinyl Woven, Teak, Plastic Lumber, Aluminum, and Wrought Iron

For more options of all of these barstool trends, please contact us and our sales professional will be able to guide you through.

 – by Alison R.


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