5 New Ways to Relax: Chaise Lounges

When you think chaise lounge many people think of lounging around the pool or perhaps the strap style loungers that are most often available by the pool at your favorite hotel. With more and more people trying to make the most of their outdoor living spaces it is time to think of the chaise lounge in a different way.

Here are some exciting new designs and ways to use a chaise lounging in your space, with or without a pool.

1. Cushioned Chaises:
Add some extra comfort to your chaise with water proof cushions. Relax outside in style and comfort.

2. Ergonomic Chaise Lounge:
The newest trend in lounging outside is ergonomics. Here is a chaise lounge that is a more stylish version that won’t hurt your back!

3. Wicker Chaises:
double chaise
To match with a more traditional styled outdoor living design try wicker. Wicker is both durable and timeless in style. Dress it up of down to make a dream relaxing oasis.

4. Eco-Friendly:


Recycling is a wonderful way to be eco-friendly and can be stylish too. Add a pop of color to your lawn with a chaise lounge like this one. Remember lounging area don’t have to be on your patio. If you have a large lawn pair a couple of chaises to great a little escape.

5. Double the Comfort:


Who says chaise lounges are only for one person to enjoy. Double chaise lounges offer plenty of seating for you and a friend.

I hope these start to get your creative juices flowing as you start looking for lounging options for your outdoor retreat.


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