Your Guide to Indoor Shuffleboard

There are several key features to know and understand about indoor shuffleboards. Indoor shuffleboard is a very fun game and can be played by family members of all ages. The game requires virtually no physical exertion, unlike most all other indoor table games, making it one of the most family oriented games used for home entertainment purposes. The most important part of the game is the actual board itself and there are many “key features” to look for in a quality shuffleboard table. After you read the guide make sure you head to the shuffleboard section of our website! If you have any more questions please call 1-800-275-9404 to speak with one of our indoor gaming experts.

1. Board Construction.

The board itself can come in various widths, lengths, thickness, and wood types. The optimal wood type is Maple, which is the standard for quality and endurance. Boards that are between 12’ and 16’, with a thickness of at least 2” are most commonly used for home entertainment.  The thicker the board, the higher the quality!

2. Playing Surface.

The playing surface can determine how durable the board is and ultimately, how long a board will provide uniform playability. What to look for is a board that has a “poured polymer surface.” A lifetime warranty is given on this durable material by most manufacturers, such as Brunswick and Champion. An inferior quality table will have a surface that has been “lacquered or painted.” These surfaces will show signs of wear in a shorter period of time, which will ultimately affect playability.

3. Climatic Adjusters.

This item is absolutely crucial when looking for a quality shuffleboard. Since the board is made of wood, it is subject to climatic conditions and has the possibility of warping. Ideally, a board is to be slightly concave, meaning that when you push the weight, it will travel slightly towards the center of the board. When a board becomes convex, the weights will just move to the outside of the board and fall off the edge for no score. A climatic adjuster is a piece of hardware that is attached to the underside of the board. It helps the playing surface adjust to climate changes, which prevents warping. Quite frankly, shuffleboards without climatic adjusters are just “disposable.” Inferior quality boards that are available at lesser price points do not have climatic adjusters.

So what’s important to know about indoor shuffleboards? IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BOARD! If it is made of Maple, at least 2 inches thick, has a poured polymer surface, and climatic adjusters, you can expect to have a ton of fun with a shuffleboard that will last you a lifetime!


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